Monday, October 4, 2010

1 year anniversary

It's been one year from blogging. Nothing to shout of, unclepicks' profit stood at 6.37% for the last 12 months. The low profit was due to low exposure to stocks, about average $60k exposed to stocks, while the remaining sitting safely on FD. Based on $60k, the profit would be 10.62%

As for upcoming year 2010-2011, unclepicks will be more focusing on more solid counters. i.e. recent picks like MFLOUR and BJTOTO. This would better blend into busier lifestyle, to focus more time on other activities, while not affecting the performance of stockmarket investment.


  1. Uncle,

    Pls tell me which stock exchange did RCECAP trade @ 70.5 sens on 4th Sept? Definitely not on Bursa Malaysia.


  2. nice spot, 4-9-2010, should be 9-4-2010 for malaysian