Friday, October 30, 2009

BOUGHT YTLPOWR 3,000 @ 2.17

Why ?
- US GDP report hospitalised the BEAR.
- SARAWAK ENERGY PRIVATISED.  Goodbye competitor.
- Dividend 3.5% on 4th December
- Quarter report in 3 weeks time. (Look at the last quarter revenue from Seraya Plant, bought from Termasek Holdings. Last quarter profit faked by 1 time charge, $$$$)
- Price range in between 2.15 to 2.20 since June.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

QUEUING TAS 5,000 @ 0.765

Topping up TAS Offshore, park at 0.765.  Market is sleeping, while I am picking up TAS (gem). Be sure to witness my journey with TAS. :=)

My current portfolio still stood at 4% stocks, 96% cash.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BURSA Market View

1) Current trend: goreng penny stocks & bluechips stay sideline. bad bad bad
2) 7 months rally, without any correction. Super stamina?
3) DOWs struggling to stay above 10,000 pts. Banking sector fragile.
4) Budget 2010 is over. What's next?
5) Thin volume, can't absorb the good news. Not just m'sia, DOWs too!

As said, "Market is always right". When you have plenty of signs that go against you, chances of winning over bursa is slim.

Stay aside. If you have little holding, pick the gems :=)

QUEUING LHH 5,000 @ 1.060

Take a look at LHH, the chicken king from Muar, Johor. 0.71sen is the lowest recorded this year. I won't hesitate to collect in stages. Impressive earning EPS 7.93 sen for this quarter. (of coz it depends on the Cyclical chicken price). Furthermore, Malaysians are chicken addicts & LHH likes goreng chicken also :=).  Look at QSR, KFC, all up high. No worry to buy and hold in stages:

1.060 -> 5000
0.950 -> 5000
0.850 -> 5000
0.750 -> 5000

Total, 20,000 units reserved for the chicken king.

p/s: targetting 25% stocks vs 75% cash at this moment.

Monday, October 26, 2009

BOUGHT 5,000 TAS @ 0.785

- Oil and Gas counter. Look at the oil price >$80 per barrel. Oil price will sail along with global economy recovery.
- The company has a better value than Sealink.(Sealink is selling you at higher PE)
- At forward PE 3.5, nothing can go wrong. (unless it's unsustailable)
- 52 weeks high 0.99, low 0.735 (high/low were recorded during IPO time a.k.a. speculative time. Chances of going back to 0.735 is low)

The KLSE rally has lasted too long. Many are waiting for a pullback. With zero holding, putting ~4% into stock is a good start. Buy in stages!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to Uncle Ben's blog

I am launching my portfolio with initial capital of RM100,000.
In short, I will show you how my uncle style of investing works well in our BURSA market with steady return.

My investment strategy emphasizing on:-
1) buy and hold strategry
2) market/economy sentiments
3) stocks fundamental analysis

You might say you can beat me with your speculative or technical methods. I welcome you to compare your portfolio with mine. Time will tell  :=)